Power Steering

Power Steering 101 What makes up the modern power steering system While drivers are no longer getting a workout when they drive, the birth of power steering helps all drivers stay safe and operate their vehicles efficiently. But what are the parts of the power steering system, and how can owners keep ahead of any

How to Make Your Car Greener

Save Money in Your Wallet While Saving the Planet Many Vancouver, British Columbia residents want to do their part to make the earth a little greener. By reducing your carbon footprint and making your car eco-friendly, you can lead a sustainable lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Follow these five simple tips from the auto

Most Common Check Engine Light Causes

Is This Why Your Light Is On? Nothing causes more panic in an auto owner’s heart than when a car’s check engine light turns on. We’ve all been there before. One day everything is perfectly fine. And suddenly, the check engine light comes on with no warning, causing an immense feeling of dread. While it

5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Brake Service

5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Brake Service Check Your Brakes Regularly, Help Avoid Sudden Surprises Your brakes are arguably the most vital part of your car. They are the primary tool for keeping you and your passengers safe. Despite this, many people wait far too long before getting a needed brake repair. Knowing the