Power Steering

Power Steering 101

What makes up the modern power steering system

While drivers are no longer getting a workout when they drive, the birth of power steering helps all drivers stay safe and operate their vehicles efficiently. But what are the parts of the power steering system, and how can owners keep ahead of any potential issues?

Parts of the System

There are three types of power steering: hydraulic, electric, and hybrid electro-hydraulic. These systems all perform the same functions but use minorly different processes. This system uses a separate motor or engine power to make steering easier, especially at lower speeds, turning corners and parking.

Power Steering Fluid: this hydraulic fluid sends the generated power to the steering system. Not only does it make it easier to steer, it also lubricates the system to make sure the hoses, pistons, valves and power steering pump perform properly. As with all vehicle fluids, it’s important to make sure that the right power steering fluid is used. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Or, if you’re not sure, take your vehicle to a trusted automotive repair shop, like S & M Auto Service in Vancouver.

Power Steering Pump: this is the heart of the power steering system that pushes hydraulic fluid as necessary and the amount of fluid used is determined by your driving speed. Part of this pump is the rotary valve, which detects when you need a steering assist by keeping the lines pressurized as needed.

Engine Belt: this belt operates the pump by turning its pulley or multiple pulleys. If any of the belts break or fray, this can cause issues in the system.

Power Steering Hoses: these hoses transport the hydraulic fluids, so it’s important that they remain clog-free and without leaks.

Preventative Maintenance

A preventative scheduled maintenance plan tailored to your vehicle’s needs and budget is the best way to stay ahead of any issues with your power steering system. By letting the same team check your vehicle on a routine basis will allow the technicians to see small problems before they become larger, more expensive repairs.

Have Issues? We Can Help!

If you’re experiencing any issues with steering, see fluid leaks, hear strange noises, or are interested in preventative maintenance plans, we can help! Our experienced S & M Auto Service team is happy to help get you back on the street safely and quickly. Contact our office today for our next appointment!

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