How to Make Your Car Greener

Save Money in Your Wallet While Saving the Planet

Many Vancouver, British Columbia residents want to do their part to make the earth a little greener. By reducing your carbon footprint and making your car eco-friendly, you can lead a sustainable lifestyle. Not sure where to start? Follow these five simple tips from the auto repair experts at S & M Auto Service.

1. Stay on Top of Tune-Ups

Maintaining your car and ensuring it receives regular tune-ups will help it produce fewer emissions and promote drivability. Serious issues such as a faulty oxygen sensor can seriously cut down on smog and boost fuel efficiency by 40 percent. If you forget when your last tune-up was, make an automotive service appointment at S & M Auto Service today.

2. Buy Eco-Friendly Tires

Eco-friendly tires are crafted from greener materials like synthetic rubber blends. Not only do these tires reduce emissions, but they vastly improve gas mileage thanks to their improved rolling resistance. To guarantee your car is safe, check your tire pressure and tread once a month.

3. Lighten Your Load

Did you know that the more items you keep in your car, the more gas you’ll burn through? This is because your vehicle needs to work double-time to haul the heavy load around. Improve fuel economy by removing unneeded weight from your car. This includes a roof rack, bike rack, and heavy luggage.

4. Don’t Top Off

It’s easy to forget how toxic gasoline is to the environment. Not only is it highly flammable, but gas is full of noxious fumes that can harm the earth. The next time you’re at the pump, don’t top off your tank after the automatic nozzle clicks off. Topping off will hurt your vehicle’s vapor collection system, producing more harmful fumes.

5. Drive Slow and Steady

Resist the temptation to race down the highway. Driving well above the speed limit isn’t just dangerous, but it’s also bad for the environment. By driving slower, you can drastically lower your gas mileage and avoid a collision.

Keep Your Car Eco-Friendly and Healthy

To ensure your car is running its best and producing fewer emissions, book an auto repair appointment at S & M Auto Service in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our experts can properly diagnose and fix your car to keep it safe and sustainable.

To schedule your auto service appointment, call us today at (604) 254-6933. We look forward to seeing you soon!

By on April 2nd, 2021 in Auto Repair